How to create a custom designed part

With Event Engine you can create unique elements or “parts” that you can choose to insert into areas of your website. For example you may design a call to action that you would like to appear at the end of every blog post.

In this article we will unpack how to access the designer and how to hook it into an area on your website.

We will use the example of creating a custom call to action that will be inserted at the end of a blog post.

Accessing the builder area

To design new elements you will need to navigate to the builder area. In here you can create any number of page layouts and other elements that can be used throughout the website using logic that you dictate.

First go into the administration area of your event website and click on “Builder”.

Creating the part

Now click on Add New which will bring you to a form.

In this form give your page element a name, leave “Type” set to “Themer layout”. Next in “Layout” select “Part”.

Designing the part

It is important we first design the part and are happy with it before we attach it to a location.

You do this by clicking on “Launch EE Builder”.

Selecting where to show the part

Once you are happy with your design, you can now select both the position on the page you wish the part to be displayed, along with the location (the page or page type).

Here is a video unpacking this in more detail:

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