Subscribe form module

This module allows you to display a subscribe form that you may have on a third party provider onto your site.

This will also impact on your lead generation as you will be able to capture data via your site through the subscription forms you may have available.

Simply drag the module from the modules tray to where you wish it to be placed.

General configuration

The general settings panel will pop up once your form has been placed. In here you can configure elements such as the service provider you are planning to use and the related form, the structure you would like for the form and more.

Here you can control:

  • structure
  • Service e.g MailChimp, Aweber etc
  • success message
  • which fields you want visible
  • and more

Button configuration

On the button tab you can control:

  • the subscribe text
  • icon (if required)
  • button styling

reCAPTCHA configuration

A reCAPTCHA is a field that can be used to help prevent spam from bots, you can choose here whether or not you wish for this to be visible or hidden.

On the page you will see if you haven't already, how to set up your keys in order for the reCAPTCHA to show.

Finally the advanced tab allows for responsive settings, entry animations and more.

Press “Save” to lock in your changes.

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