Content Slider module

The content slider allows you to show information in a slider format anywhere on the page. It presents you with a standard word processing interface to allow you to set up your slides apply, add your text as well as add links etc.

Simply drag the content slider module from the modules tray to where you wish it to be placed.

General configuration

The general settings panel will pop up once your slider has been placed. In here you can configure elements such as the height, if there are to be arrows for navigation and more.

You can create a slide by selecting the  'Slides' tab and click the 'Add Slide' button.

Slide Settings

On the slides tab you can control

  • background type
  • content type
  • styling
  • call to action (if required)
  • and more

Finally the advanced tab allows for responsive settings, entry animations and more.

Press “Save” to lock in your changes.

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