How to add an exhibitor

Within Event Engine we have created the ability to list exhibitors. For exhibitors we have also added the ability to search through the exhibitor list based on keywords, locations and industry.

Accessing the exhibitor list

To create a new exhibitor you will need to navigate to the exhibitor area in the administration area of the site. In here you can create any number of exhibitors that can be shown on the exhibitor page.

First go into the administration area of your event website and click on “Exhibitors”

Creating your new exhibitor

Now click on Add New which will bring you to a form.

In this form you will be asked to give your exhibitor a name, bio, image and additional information.

In the right-hand side you will see two boxes titled 'Locations' and the other 'Industries'. Here you can select the location and industry you wish to associate your exhibitor with.

Then press “Publish” button to create that new exhibitor.

Selecting where it should appear

You will want to show your exhibitors you have created on your exhibitor page, you can do this using the EE Builder.

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