How to create your speaker page

Within Event Engine we have the ability to create speaker profiles that will appear on your speakers list page which we will need to create.

Creating the page

In order for you to have your speakers show on your site you need to create a speaker page.

You will need to navigate to the admin area of your site to create your page.

First go into the administration area of your event website and click on “Pages".

Here you can click the ‘Add New’ option to create a new page.

Once you have clicked add new it will take you to a form.

Here you need to enter your title e.g. Speaker and click the 'EE Builder' tab and click the 'Launch EE Builder' button so you can build up your page.

Creating your speakers

In order to display your speakers on the speaker page that you have created you will need to create some speakers in the administrator area.

Showing your speakers

Once you have your speakers you will need to use the 'Speaker List' module to show your speakers.

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