Heading module

Headings are essential for ensuring content is readable and structured. They also impact SEO and they should be used in the relevant order to break up content, and signify to search engines the overall page structure and organisation.

Headings can also be used within a designed area as a lead strap line or call to action text.

Simply drag the heading module from the modules tray to where you wish it to be placed.

General configuration

The general settings panel will pop up once your heading has been placed. In here you can configure elements such as the text, if there is a link to be placed within the heading and more.

Heading styling

On the styling tab you can control

  • colour
  • alignment
  • heading type (H1, h2, h3 etc)
  • font styling
  • and more

Finally the advanced tab allows for responsive settings, entry animations and more.

Press “Save” to lock in your changes.

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