Text editor module

The text editor allow you to put text anywhere on the page. It presents you with a standard word processing interface to allow you to style your text as well as add links etc.

Simply drag the module to where you would like it to appear.

The text editor

As per the screenshot below, you can see the popup configuration panel that allows you to enter text. To edit text styling, highlight the relevant text then choose the relevant button to apply the format you desire.

If you are unsure on what a button does, hover over it and a tool-tip will appear explaining what the button does.

Finally the advanced tab allows for responsive settings, entry animations and more.

Press “Save” to lock in your changes.

Inline editing

Note that you can also edit text directly on the screen without the popup module. A small format menu will appear providing the basic essentials for text styling whilst allowing you to type directly onto the screen.

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