Setting content visibility by device size

Here's how you can control whether a content item is visible on a certain screen size.

By default all rows, columns and modules added to a page will be visible on all devices – unless otherwise specified.

The visibility options are as follows:

  • Large devices only (the row, column or module will only be visible on a Desktop view).
  • Large & medium devices only
  • Medium devices only 
  • Medium & small devices only
  • Small devices only (eg. most smartphones)

To set the visibility option of a row, column, or module on certain devices just follow these steps:

  1. Select the wrench icon that appears when you hover over the content you wish to edit.
  2. This will open up the settings in a modal pop-up. Click on the Advanced tab and scroll to the Visibility section.
  3. For the field titled 'Breakpoint', select from the drop-down options the device sizes where you want to display that particular element.
  4. Click Save for your changes to be applied.

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