Changes not showing? Purge the cache!

If you find yourself making changes to your site, but they don't seem to be showing on the frontend, this is most likely caused by caching.

What is caching? Caching is the process of taking all of the dynamic elements of your website and caching them to a static file. This means that when your site is getting traffic they're getting a significantly faster experience, since the web server no longer has to process the dynamic content from the database.

Cool, right? We think so too.

However, sometimes you might make edits on the backend and find that they're not displaying on the frontend. Bummer, right?

This is typically just a case where the cached static file hasn't been updated yet with your latest changes. All you have to do is simply purge the cache.

Changes aren't showing on a single page

If your changes are only now showing on a single page, the best thing to do is purge only the cache of the single page by hovering over the 'lightning' icon on the admin bar and clicking "Purge this page - LSCache".

The page should reload when the cache is purged and you should now see the changes on the frontend after doing a hard refresh.

Changes aren't showing on multiple pages

If you're seeing your changes not showing across multiple pages, then you might want to purge the whole site cache. You typically only want to do this when necessary, as it will cause a temporary performance dip on your site as the cache is being rebuilt across all pages.

To do this, simply hover over the 'lightning' icon on the admin bar and clicking "Purge All"

That's about it! If you're still not seeing your changes, open a support ticket by sending an email to or clicking that nifty help icon in the backend of your EECMS.

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