How to setup form notifications

When you have created your form, you and your team may wish to receive notifications each time someone completes it.

To do this, head over to Forms in the admin area and hover over the form you wish to setup notifications for. Then hover over the “Settings” sub menu that appears and click on “Notifications”.

Every form by default has an “Admin Notification”. This ensures that the site owner receives a notification every time a form is filled in. (Site owner can be found in Settings>General in the main admin menu to the left).

Click on the “Admin Notification” to edit.

In the “Send To” section you will see {admin_email} setup as default. You can remove this and begin adding your own email addresses separated by commas.

For example:,,

By default the notification email will send you a table of all fields. You will find this in the “Message” section.

If you wish to edit what is sent to your team you can add your own text in there as well as insert fields manually using the menu to the right hand side.

Note that for convenience you can leave it set to {all_fields} unless you are setting up multiple notifications showcasing different information from the form to different teams.

Once you have finished configuring the notification, press the “Update Notification” button and your form is ready.

Be sure to do a test submission to ensure your team receive the notification in the format that you expect.

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