How to show a form

Once you have created and built up your form you will want to show it on your site.

Showing your form

You will want to begin by navigating to the page you are wanting to show your form, e.g we have created a support form so we will be adding this to the support page. 

When on that particular page you will need to selecting the 'EE Builder' option from the top bar area.

Once the Builder has been launched you will need to drag in the 'text editor' module.

Here you will be able to paste in the form shortcode.


[gravityform id="6" title="false" description="false"]

You will want to change the above shortcode to the relevant ID of your form, this can be located on the forms screen in the admin area under the ID column.

You can also set the above options of title and description to true if you want these to show.

Once you hit save you will be able to see your form:

Once you are happy click the 'Done' and 'Publish changes'button to make your changes live on your site.

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