Where can I display parts I have designed?

With Event Engine you can create unique elements or "parts" that you can choose to insert into areas of your website. For example you may design a call to action that you would like to appear at the end of every blog post.


By default, a range of positions for parts area available. These can then be attached to any data type such as a speaker, exhibitor, seminar, standard page and so on (Locations).

Here is the full list of positions that you can hook into:

  • Page
    • Page Open
    • Page Close
  • Header
    • Before Header
    • After Header
  • Content
    • Before Content
    • Content Open
    • Content Close
    • After Content
  • Footer
    • Before Footer Widgets
    • After Footer Widgets
    • Before Footer
    • After Footer
  • Posts
    • Before Post
    • Before Post Content
    • After Post Content
    • After Post

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