How to export a page template

There are times when a template you have created for one Event Engine website would work on another. Templates are not automatically shared across the network of sites as they may often be event or industry specific. Therefore they are localised to the site they have been created on.

You can however export a template and then import it into a different Event Engine website.

Exporting a template

You can export one or multiple templates at the same time. First you need to go to the administration area of the site that contains the template and navigate to "Tools > Export".

Now select "Templates".

This will allow you to export all templates by default, however in most cases this is the least efficient option as you may end up with duplicates, or too many templates in your new site.

To export only specific templates, select "Export Selected" in the drop down menu, and then tick the items you wish to export.

Now press "Download Export File".

Be sure to save the XML file that downloads in a safe place ready for you to import the template to the new event website.

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