How to import a page template

If you wish to import a page template you have designed into another Event Engine website, you first need to export it as an XML file. Once you have saved this file to your computer you can continue with the following instructions.

Importing page templates

First you need to go to the administration area of the site that contains the template and navigate to “Tools > Import”.

Now press "Run Importer" under "WordPress".

Now select "Choose file" and select the XML file you exported.

Then press "Upload file and import".

On the next screen you will be asked to select the users you wish to attribute the templates to. In most cases you can leave this blank and allow the system to automatically assign. Most Event Engine networks share users across all sites.

Finally select "Download and import file attachments" and press "Submit"

Once the import has processed, you will see a list of all users that were attributed as well as what templates have been imported. The system will reject duplicate templates automatically to avoid confusion for the user.

You can now close the window.

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