How to create a blog post

Within Event Engine we have the ability for blogging. So if you want to showcase your blog here is how to create a blog post.

Accessing the posts list

To create a post you will need to navigate to the posts area in the administration area of the site. In here you can create any number of speakers that can be used throughout the website using logic that you dictate.

First go into the administration area of your event website and click on “Posts”.

Adding a post

Now click on Add New which will bring you to a form.

In this form you will be asked to give your post a title, content and featured image

Then press “Publish” button to create that new blog post.

For example:

Selecting where it should appear

Once you have published your blog post this will appear on your blog page for you automatically, so when you navigate to the blog page you will be able to see your latest post that you have created already there for you.

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