How to setup your blog

Within Event Engine we have added the ability to blog. You can create your own blog and manage your posts within your site.

Creating the page

In order for you to have a blog you need to create a blog page.

You will need to navigate to the admin area of your site to create your page.

First go into the administration area of your event website and click on “Pages”.

Here you can click the 'Add New' option to create a new page. Once you have clicked add new it will take you to a form. Here you need to enter your title e.g. Blog and click 'Publish'.

Assigning the blog page

Now that you have created your blog page in the administration area you will need to navigate to "Settings". Here you will need to select the option "Reading".

This will then display the following page:

Under the drop-down "Posts page" you can select the page you have created from the list and click "save changes".

This page will now display your posts that you have created on this page.

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